Ministry Schedule

Sunday Morning Worship
10:00 am

1st Sunday Sons of the Father 9:00 am

Monday V.I.P.S. Dance Ministry 6:30 pm

2nd Monday H.U.G.S. Ministry 6:00 pm

1st & 3rd Tuesday Y.COM
6:30 pm

2nd Tuesday M.E.D.S. Ministry 7:00 pm

3rd Tuesday Pastor Aid 6:00 pm

3rd Tuesday Nurses 7:00 pm

Wednesday Church School & New Members (Impact Class) 6:30 pm

Thursday Praise Team 6:30 pm

3rd & 4th Saturday Blessed Future (Youth Choir) 1:00 pm

4th Saturday C.R.O.S.S. 
3:00 pm

4th Saturday D.I.V.A.S 
6:00 pm

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Vision Statement

Behold, we are one people. This is only the beginning of what we will do and nothing we propose to do will be impossible. 
Genesis 11:6

H.U.G.S (Hospitality, Ushers, Greeting, Servants) Ministry

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to prepare the church spirit in an orderly fashion throughout the congregation. We assist visitors & members and make them feel welcome. 

Y.COM (Young Christians on a Mission) Ministry

Mission Statement: To be active young Christians devoted to the cause of Christ. To get close to God while being young, we will be effective in our schools, our society, and at the sanctuary.

Christ Care Ministry

Mission Statement: To provide a system of support, encouragement, prayer, and information to new members and visitors.

Overview Statement: We are a group of Christian believers that are in place to facilitate a dynamic experience by creating an atmosphere of Christ – like love and support that encourages active membership and involvement in church affairs. We are instrumental in providing new members with information that encourages a clear understanding and absolute acceptance of the Plan of Salvation and we extend a personal welcome and offer 1-on-1 prayer to all. <back to top>

D.I.V.A.S. (Devoted, Inspiring, Virtuous, Anointed, Sista’s) Ministry

Mission Statement: To effectively minister to the needs of the women in this church, our community, and abroad by living the life of a Devoted, Inspiring, Anointed, Sisters (D.I.V.A.S.)

Overview Statement: We are a group of God fearing young women striving to empower and educate other young women on how our daily walk with Christ should be. We are committed to obeying and studying the Word of God, praying that His will be done, reaching out to those that aren’t saved, and inspiring each other through His Word. Our goal is to bring lost souls to Christ and to glorify God. <back to top>

Music & Praise Team Ministry

Mission Statement: To minister to those that may be afflicted and weak in spirit, by inviting the presence of the Lord into us and the atmosphere. We then lead the people into the experience and power of Praise and Worship.

Overview Statement: We are a team of worshippers that believe God has gifted and called us to glorify His name through music and song. We believe that Praise brings God presence on the scene and that it must be first learned in our private lives before we can exhibit it in public. Our worship is our response to who he is. We Praise and Worship God individually and as a congregation until He graces us with His presence. <back to top>

Sons of the Father Ministry  Galatians 3:26

Mission Statement: Our mission is for Fathers to be lead by the Heavenly Father and for Sons to be guided by fathers who are lead by the Heavenly Father.

Overview Statement: Our goal is not only to bring people to the church but to bring the church to the people. <back to top>

M.E.D.S. (Married, Engaged, Dating Seriously) Ministry

Mission Statement:  To build, enhance and restore relationships by teaching practical ways to apply the Word of God into your relationships.
Overview Statement:
  We will come together as couples to pray fellowship and encourage each other.  Our goal is to help married couples create a strong and healthy marriage in addition to give them the foundations and fullness that God intends marriage to have. For our engaged and dating seriously couples we hope to get them spiritually and emotionally ready for the next step...MARRIAGE. <back to top>

V.I.P.S. (Visible, Interpretive, Praising, Spirits) Dance Ministry

Mission Statement: Romans 12:1 “Dear friends, God is good. So I beg you to offer your bodies to him as a living sacrifice, pure and pleasing. That’s the most sensible way to
serve God.”

Purpose: To magnify, edify and glorify God through spiritual movements.

Blessed Future (Youth Choir)

Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord! Psalms 150:6

Mission Statement: To minister to others in song about the love of Jesus Christ and to set an atmosphere of praise. To prepare the youth to become future spiritual leaders using their gifts and talents for winning souls to Jesus Christ. <back to top>

Nurse’s Ministry

Mission Statement: The Nurses will be responding to Physical, Emotion, Social and Spiritual needs of the members & the congregation during services. <back to top>

C.R.O.S.S (Children Reaching & Obtaining Spiritual Success) Children’s Church Ministry

Mission Statement: To develop children, to know God’s Word, love and to follow Him daily to discipleship and ultimate salvation. <back to top>

M.I.C.S. (Ministering in Christian Sound) Media Ministry

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide quality sound throughout our church services to ensure that the Word of God is heard with clarity. We also provide CD’s and DVD’s for all to enjoy and grow in their spiritual walk with Christ. <back to top>

Sunday School/New Members (Impact Class)

Mission Statement: To equip saints of God with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Word of God. Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom and in all you getting get an understanding.” To see each member reach their full potential in the Lord and to fulfill the plan, purpose, and destiny that God has predestined for them.
To help Christians grow and make the right choices before God, others, and themselves. Understanding words and their meaning will help us grow in God.  We want to give basic insight into the vision, belief, and teaching of the Word of God and New Horizon Baptist Church.  <back to top>

Pastor Aid
Mission Statement:
To completely meet the needs of the Pastor.   <back to top>

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